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Happen & Trappen

Pedal through one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands where many monuments have been preserved. And there is always the IJssel: the unique location of the city and its surroundings on the river. Taste the atmosphere of this historic environment and enjoy the hospitality in this beautiful Hanseatic city.

Hazepad cycle route

Spies, hunters and farmers. Present, past and future. Everything passes by in the Hazepad story cycle route through the IJssel landscape. A varied cycling route through the characteristic 'countryside' of Salland. Along the way you cycle through forests and nature reserves, past meadows, farms and estates, along the IJssel.


The coolest stopping place on your route!

You can make yourself a cup of coffee (for a small contribution), use the toilet, find information about the area and charge your e-bike and repair your tire.

All rest points are located on a cycling or walking route, often on a private property with or without agricultural destination. The more than 650 rest points can be found in Overijssel, Gelderland, Groningen, Utrecht, Friesland, Drenthe, Laag Holland and West Friesland (NH). A trial is now also underway in South Holland with several Rest Points.

Rondje pontje

The route passes all the beautiful “gems” of both municipalities and are described in a handy booklet. The booklets can be purchased at the information centers and tourist information points. The IJssel is the natural center and the crossing is made at the ferries of Wijhe and Olst.

Asparagus route

Get on the pedals and combine a bike ride through the beautiful surroundings of Salland with enjoying Salland asparagus. Get to know the hospitable Salland countryside and the IJssel and enjoy the estates. During the asparagus season you can buy delicious asparagus from the growers along the way.

Liberation cycle route

There are many remains in Salland that remind us of the war and the liberation. Listening stones have been placed in various places where you can listen to a radio play about the impressive experiences of one or more people in the years 1944-1945.

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